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April 2015, it has been 8 years since the famous financial collapse of known Lehman Brothers. 8 years since the devastating tsunami that has affected all countries in the Southern Europe. Under this motto, Italy has implemented a series of reforms to “austerity” that have seen protagonists the education the public health, the job and the pensions. In recent years there has been an exodus, not only for young people looking for work, but also of entire families, small investors and retirees looking for a place to live with their small allowance, that in Italy does not would allow to live. The European country, where in recent years are “emigrating” many Italians, is Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a member of the EU and the cost of living is low. The local currency is the Leva is anchored in the last decade in a stable exchange rate, and it is a few hours from Italy Some of the people we met, living in Varna town on the Black Sea, other retirees have chosen to live in smaller villages and other living there for twenty years. Each of these people has a past and a different story, seem to be looking for a late revenge, they came away from their land to recreate a dignified life.