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Luna Coppola (Naples, 1980) is a photographer and multi platform storyteller co-founder and member of the collective Duae. She is based in Barcelona where she combines editorial assignments, teaching and personal projects. Her academic background and multi-faceted experience has created a wide network of contacts, partners and clients, enabling her to work in different areas and covering different roles.

Since 2001 to 2005 she worked for different Italian Movie Production as Second assistant director, Production assistant, Assistant Director of photography and Second assistant camera.

Since 2005, she works as a freelance photographer, focusing her work in the publishing portrait, sports, photojournalism, publishing in several international magazines and newspapers.

From 2010 she focus her work on the self-portrait and autobiographical project. The personal long project L' Ospite won the IPA Awards and Forwarding Thinking Museum Prize. The project is ongoing.

Since 2014 she has been involved in participative social photography, and with the photographer Sara Lusini founded the SelfBook Project, with the support of Umbria Region and Perugia Social Photo Phest.


1999-2005: BA, HUMANITY, CINEMA AND VISUAL ART University of Bologna, Italy

2015: L'Ospite - International Art Therapy Conference at Fine Art Accademy in Naples, Italy
2015: Fotografia Participativa 2015 CFD Barcelona - Selfie Quindi Sono
2014: SlideLuck Bologna - Selfie Quindi Sono
2014: DOCfield>14. Fotografia documental Barcelona - Exporting Cures
2013: Perugia Social Photo Fest - Connected to self-life and re-life
2010: Off Festival Europe Barcelona - Una Nave carica di diritti.
2006: Zenbu Gallery Barcelona - Composition Urbany
2005: Comune di Sansepolcro Arezzo - Hombres y Mujeres
2004: Mamamù Gallery Napoli - Collective Expo.

2017: Geografia Sensible at El Observatorio - Barcelona
2016: Selfbook at Perugia Social Photo Fest 2016, Italy
2015: Workshop Selfscape at Fine Art Accademy in Naples, Italy
2015: SelfBook at Perugia Young Center, Italy
2015: SelfBook at Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC) of Barcelona
2015: TNG teenagers – Roca Umbert Granollers.- Barcelona
2015: Assistant of Cristina Nuñez and Teaching at Quatre Camins Penitentiary Centre in Barcelona - Grant from Obra Social La Caixa.
2014: Selfie Quindi Sono – Pepita Onlus – Milan
2014: Assistant of Cristina Nuñez at Academy of Fine Arts – Naples.
2014: Assistant of Cristina Nuñez and Teaching of Method The Self Portrait Experience at the Association Faber - Naples
2011: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
2010: Nau Ivanow, photograhpy Workshop with Giulio di Meo, Barcelona.

2014: Workshop “The Other Story” with Erica Mcdonald – Pratt Institute NY Schoolarship.
2013: 1 Place - Forward Thinking Museum - Connected to self-life and re-life
2013: 3rd Place - International Photography Award 2013 - Connected to self-life and re-life
2013: Workshop – The Self Portrait Experience - with Cristina Nuñez
2009: Magnum / Aliquindoi - Traffic 09 Barcelona Schoolarship - Workshop with Bruce Gilden
2007: Magnum / Aliquindoi - Traffic 07 Barcelona - Workshop with Alessandra Sanguinetti
2007: Lecture Portfolio Traffic 07 with Silvia Omedes
2004: Schoolarship - Studio Universal and Bologna University