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La Linea de la Concepcion is the land border with Gibraltar: Its ancient name was Linea de Contravalacion, due to its geographical position. Its origin, its physiognomy and its personality are determined by the presence of Gibraltar. The economic asphyxiation produced by the impossibility of competing with the free tax zone of Gibraltar and the absolute abandonment by the Spanish Government makes it the province most affected by unemployment. La Linea is not only a town of Andalucia, is part of an international border, this makes the territory without its own identity, but a border place. The inhabitants of the Linea, work beyond the border, and every day they mingle with thousands of tourists crossing the border with Gibraltar.

Crossing the border the difference is substantial: entering in Gibraltar, the landscape changes, assumes a different identity. The territory and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living, higher than that of the neighboring of the Linea. The economy of the small British territory, has converted to offshore finance and tourism. There are more companies registered, which inhabitants. This isthmus of land that includes two areas, separated by a border kilometer, continues to be a disputed territory and a container of two different territorial identities. copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg