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SELFIE QUINDI SONO - pilot of #SELFBOOK PROJECT - Workshop by Luna Coppola and Sara Lusini -

SELFIE QUINDI SONO was the pilot of the Selfbook project. The workshop was done in Milan at the Fondazione Onlus Pepita. The project The project was realized with a group of seven teenagers (aged 14 to 17 years) from several professional schools near Milan (Erba, Sesto San Giovanni, etc.). With this workshop, we propose active participation by attendees in a "real space" where collaboration is possible through a common creative process in opposition to the "virtual space" that young people are certainly more familiar with. The kids created a "Dummy Book" with images chosen during the workshop, so that the "Dummy Book" becomes a container of self-portraits, selfies and stories, a tangible object that displays a kind of storytelling that lives, otherwise, in a totally intangible dimension. copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg Sofia copy.jpg copy copy.jpg francesca copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg