"It doesn’t hurt! You get tired by every single physical effort, no symptoms, no pain. It’s an invisible disease, symptoms become manifest when you are already in an advanced stage, when you cannot turn back, so you try to get on with it and adapt.”

My name is Luna Coppola I'm 32 years old. I’m photojournalist at the same time chronically ill since 2004. In these years and especially in the last year, since the start of dialysis until the arrival of the transplant, I have realized that as a photojournalist had to tell this story. So, I started from my personal experience as a CKD sufferer, showing the most relevant phases I have experienced until now, my choice to use peritoneal dialysis, the onset of therapy and the insertion of the catheter, the homecoming, my difficulties in accepting the situation.
I have chosen the technique of self-portrait to tell my story. I am convinced that via the self portrait, as a new way of doing photojournalism, I can reveal all: the waiting, the exhaustion the strength of all those people facing this illness every day. It is a means by which you testify the reality through emotions rather than by actions. I started to take pictures of myself when I was at pre-dialysis stage and every shot has turned into a series of diary entries. I have built and I want to build with the others a relationship between the camera and the chronically disease. Self-portrait as a way of participating in the story, as a new kind of story telling, as a way of self-consciousness. It is a way to deal with the fear you feel when something unknown is facing you. It is a project, which testifies not only the life of a peritoneal dialysis patient but also the moment of connection with life by means of a machine.


AWARD: IPA 2013 - 3rd Place