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2023 | I’m an exhibition name. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

2023 | I’m an exhibition name. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

2023 | I’m an exhibition name. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

2023 | I’m an exhibition name. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

Luna Coppola ( Naples 1980) is a photographer, visual artist and researcher based in Barcelona. She is Co-founder and member of Duae Collective, collective and associated project in Fabra I Coats, Fabrica de Creacion. 

BA in Film Studies and Humanities from Bologna University, Italy. During her studies from 1999 to 2005, she has worked as a Cinematographer for different Italian Film Productions. For the last 15 years she has participated in training programs, masterclass and residencies in Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany and United States. Since 2005 she works as a photographer for the international press as sport  and press photographer. She has held lectures at UAB, IEFC ( Institut d'Estudis Fotografic de Catalunya), Academy of Fine Art, Naples, El Observatorio Barcelona. 

Her multidisciplinary work is influenced by her studies in Film, she explores and experiences visual storytelling, old and new media, investigating the relationship between human being, the domestic space and new environments. Her practices expands the tradition of photography and documentary cinema by evoking a poetics of the future in which the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred. She collaborates with cultural and private institutions using photography and video as a tool in a broader investigation.  


Since 2010 she has concentrated her work on the self-portrait, making her autobiographical project: L ’Ospite, awarded and exhibited internationally, at the Forwording Thinking Museum, New York, USA, International Photography Award in 2012, and exhibited at Les Cosmo Book. Rencontres de Arles 2018, The project has been the subject of academic study and international publications. Her autobiographical work has influenced and is influencing her practice and she has built a large body of work around exploring her own personal experience as a chronically ill and mother of two children.  In the last years, the domestic space has become the landscape of her work. 

From 2010 to 2014 he worked as an assistant to the Catalan artist Cristina Nuñez, creating social photography projects financed by La Caixa Obra Social. During the same years she co-founded the SelfBook Project, with the support of the Umbria Region and Perugia Social Photo Phest, creating more than 40 workshops in collaboration with Perugia secondary schools.


Since 2015, with Duae Collective, she has expanded her narrative vision with a transversal approach, concentrating her practice in the code, in the new media to propose new ways of thinking and interacting with the digital environment that surrounds us.

In 2021 she enrolled in the Elements of AI Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence) course at the University of Helsinki, Finland.


​Kings Company, Slow Food, Rasoterra Restaurant, Daniela Biancu, Cooking in Motion, Rueda Bcn Film Festival, IOT Barcelona, Fira de Barcelona, Capa Images, Aigues de Barcelona, Gran Angular Press, Invision Image, Cordon Press, Getty Image, Fc Barcelona, Reuters, Parallelo Zero, Luz Agency, AFP.  Sonar Advanced Music, Primavera Sound,  Sonar Advanced Music, Primavera Sound, Banco Sabadell, FC Barcelona Fina World Championship, European Athletic Championship, World Athletic Championship, World Championship Snowboard , Festival Cinema Cannes, Biennale of Venice, ATP Tennis,  La Repubblica, El pais Semanal, Io Donna, Gioia, Mariclaire Italia, Yo Dona, Sportweek, Fine Art Accademy of Naples, El Observatorio Barcelona, Witness Journal Milan, Fabra i Coats Barcelona, Nau Ivanow Barcelona, IEFC Barcelona, Cannonbal Estudios, Transparent Production, Dalpa International, Zenbu Gallery, CCCB, Can Cet, Pallapupas, Ayuntamento de Santa Coloma de Gremanet, Ayuntamento of Barcelona, Diputacio de Barcelona. 


1999 - 2005 - BA Film Studies and History of Cinema at  School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage -  Bologna University, IT

2008-2009 -  Masterclass Magnum Photo: Workshop Antoine D' Agata, Bruce Gilden, Alessandra Sanguinetti.

2014 - Masterclass with Erica McDowell, Pratt Institute New York. 


2019 - Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, Casa do Infante Museum / Bienal Fotografia de Oporto / May - July  2019, Porto, Portugal​

2019 - The Origin, Museo Abellò / Abril - July  2019, Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, Spain​

2019 - Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, Espai Zero, Centro de Arte Contemporanea, Fabra i Coats / January - March 2019, Barcelona, Spain​

2018 - The Coal Code, Plan B Barcelona ,Chiquita Room /  November , Barcelona, Spain​

2018 - Besos: A Noble Ecosystem, Swab Art Fair Barcelona /  September  2018, Barcelona, Spain

2018 - L' Ospite, Curated by Natasha Christia and Brad Feuerhelm,  Group Exhibition, The Family of No Man, Les Rencontres de Arles

2018 - Nexus + E-Space / Open Sessions / Neighborhoods and artistic practices: Besos A Noble Ecosystem 

2018 - Besos A Noble Ecosystem, as Duae Collective, Curated by Virgilio Ferreira and Krzysztof Candrowicz,  Photo Triennal of Hamburg 

2017 - Alla Ricerca delle Colonne d'Ercole - Emersioni Giovane Collettiva Fotografia, Livorno, Italy

2017 - Alla Ricerca delle Colonne d'´Ercole - Festival a-More, Croazia

2016 - Leave ( a poem of traces ) - PhEST Festa Internazionale della Fotografia, Monopoli, Italy

2016 - Selfbook, Conference Photography Teraphy, Perugia Social Photo Fest, Perugia, Italy

2015 - L'Ospite, International Art Therapy Conferences, Fine Art Academy, Naples, Italy.

2015 - Selfbook curated by CFD Barcelona, Centro Fotografia Documental, Barcelona, Spain

2014 - Selfbook curated by Renata Ferri, Slide Luck, Spazio Labo, Bologna, Italy

2014 - Exporting Cures, curated by Arianna Rinaldo, Nits of Docfield, Barcelona, Spain

2013 - L' Ospite, Perugia Social Photo Fest, Perugia, Italy

2010 - Una Nave Carica di Diritti, Off Festival Europe, Convent de Sant Augusti, Barcelona, Spain

2006 - Urban Composition, Zenbu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


2013 - L' Ospite, First Prize, Forwording Thinking Museum, New York, USA

2013 - L' Ospite, 3th Prize, International Photography Awards


2016 - L'  Ospite - Il corpo solitario. L' autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea - II Vol. Giorgio Bonomi - Rubbettino Editore srl. 

2015 - L' Ospite - Tricycle Magazine- 

2015 - Bulgaria Exodus - Gea Photowords - 

2013 - L' Ospite - Huffington Post U.S - 

2013 - L' Ospite - Huffington Post Spain -


2017 - Geografia Sensible, El Observatorio, Barcelona, Italy 

2016: Selfbook at Perugia Social Photo Fest 2016, Italy 

2015: Workshop Selfscape at Fine Art Accademy in Naples, Italy 

2015: SelfBook at Perugia Young Center, Italy 

2015: SelfBook at Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC) of Barcelona 

2015: TNG teenagers “ Roca Umbert Granollers.- Barcelona 

2015: Art Teacher at Quatre Camins Penitentiary Centre in Barcelona - Grant from Obra Social La Caixa. 

2014: Selfie Quindi Sono – Pepita Onlus – Milan 

2014: Assistant of Cristina Nunez at Academy of Fine Arts – Naples 

2014: Assistant of Cristina Nunez and Teaching of Method The Self Portrait Experience at the Association Faber - Naples 

2011: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) 

2010: Nau Ivanow, photograhpy Workshop with Giulio di Meo, Barcelona 

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