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At the first echo only one embryo was seen, only after 4 weeks we discovered that they were two embryos.

mother (ant. matre) s. f. [lat. mater -tris]. - 1. a. Woman who conceived and gave birth; even non-biological parent: m. tender, affectionate, loving;


5. In botany: a. Sinon. of stump. b. Plant m., That, cultivated or not, which, in different ways or means, generates other plants.


6. In cytology, cell m., The cell which, following mitosis, gives rise to two new cells (which, compared to the first, can be called daughter cells).


In 2004, when I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure, one of the first things they told me was that it was impossible to be a mother.


For years I have put this need aside. I thought it was something I couldn't have access to.


In 2014 I met Silvia, we fell in love and this need resurfaced in me. I couldn't be the "biological mother" but that didn't stop me from being a mother anyway. Because being a mother is not a matter of blood, nor a biological fact, it is not about the lineage, nor the genealogy, nor the sex.


Generating a child does not already mean being a mother, it always takes a process extraneous to nature, a symbolic act, a decision, an assumption of responsibility.


We have decided to be mothers, a condition intended as an act of free choice, not entrusted to chance. Silvia decided to continue the pregnancy and in April 2016 we carried out the first insemination, but it didn't work.

In June 2016, we carried out the second insemination, on June 22nd Silvia was pregnant.


I also needed to tell this chapter of my life, which then became a part of the Nel Nome del Padre project, carried out with the Duae Collective, where we told our personal and direct experience of the choice to be mothers and interference of a patriarchal society in which the figure of the father is predominant.


Victoria and Noah were born on February 1, 2017, and I finally became a mother.

In this first chapter, I talk about the artificial insemination process and the months of pregnancy.


2016 / 2021

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