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Lockdown Series, L´Ospite, The Day After, Two Mothers, Carlo and Salvatore: my migrant great-grandparents, Meraviglioso, are part of the same autobiographical body of work. In these chapters she is interested in the way family stories and relationships intersect, appear and change over time.

Her experiences, her family history, which is a piece of contemporary Italian history, deeply influence the themes of his work.

As the mother of two children, the granddaughter of a resistance partisan and a fascist militant, with great-grandparents who emigrated to America and Africa in search of fortune, heir to a generation of women who contributed to the change of our countryl, in the last 10 years she has built a large body of work around the exploration of her own experience of motherhood,  the home and family space.


Growing up in a large family unit, losing all the people closest to her, most recently the death of her father, and her illness that has profoundly marked her professional career for about twenty years, she is aware that family relationships, the deep love, care can coexist with trauma and pain.


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